A Guide to Apple Varieties

Fall is here! And with that comes the endless varieties of apples! According to Cultivate Michigan, the Mitten state is the third largest producer of apples, after Washington and New York! As one of our most valuable crops, we produce nearly $500,000,000 worth of apples annually.

A Few Favorite Varieties


One of the most popular fall varieties, this crunchy and sweet apple is great to eat on its own or in salads.


These round apples have bright white flesh that’s incredibly juicy. Good for eating, but even better baked or made into apple sauce.


A bit tart, this apple variety is great baked into pies and tarts.

For more information about about Michigan apple varieties, check out this handy guide from the Michigan Apple Committee.

As part of National Farmers to School Month, The University of Wisonsin- Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems is hosting the Great Lakes Apple Crunch : October 8, 2020 . Farm to school advocates in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota will unite to celebrate the Great Lake’s apple industry at 12pm CST. Join in on the fun : tag @greatapplecrunch and post your photo on social media.

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Not sure what to do with all your apples? Try this apple pie recipe from Modern Bird Bakery! Click here for recipe