November 26, 2018

Young Professionals of the Upper Peninsula

Where are the young people? It’s a question I have been asked a lot this past year as Upper Peninsula Local Food Coordinator for Taste the Local Difference.…

October 5, 2018

MQT Local Food Fest 2018 Recap

MQT Local Food Fest Statistics •7 Northern Michigan University Hospitality Management Alumni Chefs First Place & People’s Choice Rory Shimp of Spiaggia in Chicago MAD Rabbits Farm, Daggett…

September 5, 2018

Culture, Collaboration, and Local Food

When we look back through the history of festivals, events or gatherings related to farming, food, and harvests – you’ll find that each will have their own version…

August 2, 2018

Four the Water UPDATE

Last May, four cool guys embarked on a journey around the coast of Lake Superior in order to bring awareness to the health of the Great Lakes. Read…

August 2, 2018

Kombucha Culture

What is kombucha exactly? The simplest answer is “fermented tea” – a statement that rarely encourages a first time sipper to indulge in the sweet and tart flavors…

July 6, 2018

The Revival and Growth of the County Fair

When I say the words “county fair,” what comes to mind? For me there is nostalgia that rolls in as I think of my own Menominee County Fair…

June 4, 2018

Rockstar with a Farmers Tan

I can not believe the month of May has come and gone. I have a sinking suspicion that this long Upper Peninsula winter caused us all to feel…

June 4, 2018

Superior Celebration: An Upper Peninsula Collaboration

This month, Taste the Local Difference, wants to highlight a special relationship happening between institution, NMU Dining in Marquette, MI and Superior Angus of Rapid River, MI.

May 1, 2018

Collaboration in the Upper Peninsula: Four the Water

I remember how excited I was to first see the ocean when I was younger. It was an experience that I had been missing out on my whole…

April 4, 2018

Great Food for the Great Lakes

The Marq is teaming up with the folks at Iron Fish Distillery and the Superior Watershed Partnership to celebrate sustainability in the food system and on the Great…