Challenger Breadware Provides the Tools for Better Baking at Home

Sourdough bread baking was one of the earliest fads of the COVID-19 pandemic. Folks scrambled for starters and sold grocery stores out of flour and yeast. For some it was a passing fancy, but for others it sparked a new passion! Are you still baking bread? If you are, Challenger Breadware is an amazing resource for quality bread pans, baking guides, and sources for local flour. 

Jim Challenger was an avid home baker on a quest to bake the perfect loaf of bread before he launched  Challenger Breadware with his wife, Lisa. Their love for helping others to bake delicious bread at home is apparent in all of their products and resources on their website. Their flagship product is the Challenger Bread Pan, which offers a shallow cast iron base with handles along with a domed lid, that helps retain heat and steam. This pan was crafted with home bakers in mind to replicate the environment of a professional oven, prevent burns, and produce better bread. 

Check out the Challenger Bread Pan here!

Past their essential bread pan, they provide all of the items needed in a baker’s toolkit, from aprons to oven gloves. Additionally, their website is a wealth of knowledge for home bakers with a glossary for new bakers to understand some of the lingo used in baking. Plus, their recipes, which easily lay out the steps and ingredients needed, are paired with a helpful video of the entire process. (Personally, we can’t wait to try the wheat brioche sticky buns!)

Challenger Breadware also champions that the best bread is made with the best ingredients. Their convenient directory, Where to Buy Grains and Flours, makes sourcing freshly, milled flour easy. From Michigan they highlight our friends from Ferris Organic Farm, Firefly Fields, Windmill Flour, Zingerman’s Bakehouse alongside other millers of grains across the country and world.

If nothing else, baking bread is one of the greatest teachers of patience and resilience, traits we all require as we forge ahead through this pandemic. For home bakers, both experienced and novice, Challenger Breadware offers all the tools and resources you need to start baking. 

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Emma Beauchamp is the Communications Manager for Taste the Local Difference. Contact her at [email protected]