Raised Bed Gardening Made Easy with Morgan Composting’s DAIRY DOO

How’s your garden planning coming along? Whether you’re a seasoned grower or new to the hobby, raised bed gardens are favored for their many growing benefits. They allow you to grow more food in a small space and can be customized to your growing needs and style. Plus, if you use Morgan Composting’s DAIRY DOO, you’ll know that you’re starting your garden right with healthy, weed-free soil.

Here are three reasons why you should try raised bed gardening this year: 

Extend your Growing Season

Made of treated lumber, cedar planks, concrete blocks, or other creative materials, raised beds bring up your growing space several inches (or more!) above the natural soil level. This elevation allows the soil in your raised bed to warm up faster than the ground meaning you can sow seeds and plants earlier! Plus, raised beds make it easy to cover with mini hoops and fabric to keep in the heat early or late in the season. Once you have decided on the building materials and found your sunniest location, the next step is to fill your beds with quality soil. 

Choose Your Soil 

The soil your plants grow in is one of the most important factors in gardening. Healthy soil equals healthy plants which, in turn, means the veggies you are harvesting are even healthier for you. DAIRY DOO’s line of soils are a convenient, healthy option perfect for raised bed gardening. They are organic and full of the nutrients plants need. In addition to their Topsoil Blend, they offer their signature VeggieDoo 301 which gives home grown vegetables the jumpstart they need. Or, if you are adding a decorative raised bed their FlowerDoo 201 is developed specifically for flowers’ needs.  Check out the DAIRY DOO guide for assembling the right bed for whatever you are growing here.

Less Weeds and More Harvest

By elevating your growing space and mindfully choosing your soil, you will have less weeds, more control over your garden, more productive plants, and better tasting veggies. Additionally, raised beds can deter some pests, so you can be assured that you’re the only one enjoying your garden. Plus, your back will thank you for the easier access to your plants. 

Raised bed gardens are wonderful options for greens, herbs, flowers, and vegetable varieties. What will you grow in your new raised bed garden? 

Emma Beauchamp is the Communications Manager for Taste the Local Difference. Contact her at [email protected]