Grow with Us: Fisheye Farms

Nestled in the Core City neighborhood of Detroit, Andy Chae and Amy Eckert of Fisheye Farms operate a bountiful urban farm, community supported agriculture (CSA) program, and farm stand. After spending several months working on an organic farm in Brazil in 2014, the owners returned to Detroit to start their own farm. They began with less than one tenth of an acre of borrowed land in 2015, and have built their growing parcel up to nearly an acre of nine previously vacant lots. Fisheye Farms was born out of the idea that a for-profit urban farm can be profitable and productive, and can provide a place for people to come together, build community, and get excited. 

Video produced by Matt Hallowell

On their farm, they use organic growing practices to cultivate over 40 types of vegetables and fruits each growing season. Season extension practices, like hoophouses, increase their yield and aid in pest management. Their seasonal CSA program has 80 members who stop by the farm each week to pick up the freshest of what is in season, from radishes and greens in June to carrots and kohlrabi in December. 

Much of their produce is sold through their April to October farmstand. This year, they even offered online ordering to make picking up fresh, local produce as easy and safe as possible. In addition to their own produce, the folks at Fisheye partner with other nearby producers, like Hio Farms, Brother Nature Produce, Leonard Max Bread, and more. Outside of their farm stand and CSA, Fisheye Farm’s produce can be found at several nearby establishments: Ochre Bakery, Selden Standard, FOLK, Marrow, Lady of the House, Good Stuff, Voyager, and Casa Pernoi

Fisheye Farms at Sunrise

Before the pandemic, the space at Fisheye Farms was used as more than just a growing space. It served as a space for community meetings, public events, restaurant pop-up, cooking and craft cocktail events, as well as private weddings, fundraisers, and concerts. The goal of their space is to promote awareness of urban agriculture in their community and globally. With volunteer and internship opportunities, Amy and Andy hope to act as a bridge between suburban and urban members of the community. 

Even on a small footprint, Andy and Amy create a huge impact on their community with their produce and presence. And they need your help to continue growing! “Financing is the hardest part of our job, and I think that’s saying something!” says Amy.

With the help of Steward, a crowdfarming platform, they are eager to raise funds in order to refinance their loan to a more sustainable interest rate and to expand into another half acre of land. Not only will your gift help continue Fisheye Farms impact on Detroit, but you will also get your money back with interest! This campaign is a win-win for the farmer, the community, and you. 

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Fisheye Farms is located at 2334 Buchanan St. Detroit, MI 48208. Learn more at

Send questions to Amy and Andy at [email protected]