Know Your Farmer: Whitney Creek Farm

When you walk around Whitney Creek Farm, located 7 miles from downtown Ironwood, you’d never believe they removed over twenty old and abandoned vehicles from the property. The picturesque fields are green and lush, the animals are calm and inquisitive with the rolling hills of the Western Upper Peninsula in the background.

Owners Bobbi and John Nuce purchased the property 14 years ago. Though, it was a bit of a junk yard at the time, they saw potential. After learning about the horrific conditions of factory farms both for the animals and employees, they decided to purchase some livestock. Their philosophy is that animals experience and express joy, anxiety, frustration, pleasure, satisfaction and friendship – and they deserve a just quality of life before offering themselves up to become nourishment. 

Whitney Creek Farm produces grass-fed and pastured raised meat, including berkshire hogs, Icelandic sheep and poultry, which includes a batch of turkeys each summer. Along with that they raise dexter and angus cattle for meat and have some dairy for their milk share. You’ll see a few other critters on the farm including goats, bunnies, and, of course, farm dogs. 

The animals helped them steward the land back to health. The cows and sheep mowed things down, while their hooves aerated the soil. The pigs dug up roots and worked the earth, and the chickens continued that process by eliminating weeds and depositing waste as fertilizer along the way. Today, you can see that the animals are happy here, eating their favorite grasses and plants with lots of space to run and explore. 

The Nuce’s caring doesn’t stop at the livestock, they also build deep connections to their local community. Customers of their meat CSA have become friends and a part of the family, lending helping hands around the farm as needed. You can find their products in Bake Superior Bread, a local bakery, and just around the corner you’ll find their chicken on the menu of Up-N-Smoke food truck. The local Northwind Food Co-op also carries their products. 

The rich land and loving care creates healthy and happy animals – which ultimately tastes better! It feels better too, knowing you are supporting local farmers who are so passionate in what they do. You can visit their on-site farm store 4-6pm daily, though sending them a message to set up a visit is recommended. You can also order online and arrange a pick up within a 25 mile radius from the farm. Choose from individual cuts, whole animals or a sample pack! In the summer you can find Whitney Creek Farm at the farmers markets in Manitowish Waters and Presque Isle, Wisconsin. They also offer delivery to Mercer, Wisconsin and Ironwood, Michigan.

Follow along with Whitney Creek via Facebook and visit their website to learn more about what motivates them and all the livestock they raise. 

Alex Palzewicz is the Upper Peninsula Local Food Coordinator for Taste the Local Difference. She highly recommends getting to Up-N-Smoke to taste the magic that is quality locally raised chicken from Whitney Creek Farm – smoked to perfection and paired with great sides from the local food truck.