Taco Tuesday Goes Local

With most Summer food holidays already under our belt for the year, it’s easy to forget that there’s a fun weekly celebration all August (and year) long! Taco Tuesday is a weekly excuse to scarf down on everyone’s favorite meal — and is a great opportunity to use local ingredients. Use these locally sourced and produced products to bring in Michigan flavors for your next Taco Tuesday! 

Start with a Michigan Made Tortilla! 

Begin by using Molino Tortilleria’s small batch, non-GMO tortillas that support farmers growing heirloom corn varieties in Mexico and in Southwest Michigan (look for the Wapsie Valley variety produced by Granor Farm.) These tortillas include just three ingredients: corn, water and a trace of lime, made using traditional nixtamalization methods. You can order 12 count packages of their tortillas, along with homemade salsa macha and other products on their online store

Choose Your Filling!

Leaning in a vegetarian direction? Try the Brinery’s Chorizo Tempeh Crumbles, which is made using organically grown and non-GMO soybeans. This tempeh is carefully fermented to bring a highly nutritious boost to versatile flavor for your tacos and more. Find out where to pick up a pack on the Brinery’s website

If you’re more of a fish taco fan, check out our Fisheries database! This new addition to our Find Food and Farms Directory can show you where to find local seafood – from lake trout to perch, and even shrimp! 

Whatever you decide for your main component, spice it up with Majer Family Farms Hot Pepper Infused Sea Salt. These sea salts, which come in Jalapeño, Serrano, Habanero and Cayenne flavors, are made using organically grown hot peppers directly from the farm. Use them to season your taco meat or even to add a kick to salad dressings. Pick up your seasonings from the farm on their website

Top it Off with Local Flavor!  

Taco Tuesday isn’t complete without hot sauce! Try Grand Traverse Sauce Company’s Kickstand Red Fresno Hot Sauce to incorporate local ingredients into your meal. Made with freshly roasted fresno peppers, this sauce brings hot and smoky and just a little bit of sweet to your palate. Pick up your next bottle online! 

For a unique taco topper, Rozie’s Relsa is a great local choice! A mix between relish and salsa, this ‘relsa’ is made using peppers instead of cucumbers. Find this UP product in flavors from mild to extra hot! Pick up your jar of relsa online. 

Don’t Forget to Sip Local, Too! 

Don’t forget to pair your local tacos with a local libation! Suttons Bay Ciders has the perfect choice — Sidra Lapeño. This Spanish style cider is infused with jalapeño and habanero peppers, and is a great Summer mix of mildly spicy and refreshing. You can have bottles shipped to your home by purchasing with Suttons Bay Ciders online.

Find a Neighborhood Source for Takeout! 

You can still celebrate Taco Tuesday locally, without having to cook at all! Spanglish in the Grand Traverse Commons in Traverse City makes fantastic tacos to go, as well as tamales, burritos and more using local ingredients. They’re open for curbside pickup Tuesday-Saturday – place your order online here! 

How are you going to bring in local flavors this Taco Tuesday? 

Main photo credit: J. Guldner Photography