Bailey’s Farms

At Bailey’s Farms we have a passion for creating quality, local, sustainable products that make you feel good. Our goal is simple – to make a positive impact on our community, the environment and the planet. From our great tasting kombucha and small batch, raw honeys, to our pure goat milk bath products we put care and quality into everything we create.

Crafted from teas sourced from Light of Day organics, our kombucha is a fun, fizzy fermented tea rich in beneficial probiotics and antioxidants. With 12 fruity, delicious drinkable flavors, there’s one for every day or any mood!

Soft skin starts on the farm.
Our friendly herd of furry, beauty experts is comprised of 2 Pygmy goats, one LaMancha goat, and 3 Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf mixes. These curious, social creatures provide the rich, high-fat milk to our soaps and lotions that’s a natural emollient that soothes and moisturizes the skin and gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

Pure honey made by happy bees!
Our farm is home to 20 hives with over 500,000 sweet workers. These hearty, hard-working honeybees make our delicious honey that has a mild, sweet, flowery flavor.


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