Blake’s Hard Cider


Blake's Orchard - Cider Mill - Tasting Room
17985 Armada Center Rd.
Armada, MI 48005
Michigan / Macomb

We're busy turning hard work into hard cider. Born and Brewed in Armada, Michigan.

Blake's Hard Cider Co. is based on a 70 year old orchard in Armada, MI where a tasting room is housed right on the farm, surrounded by a booming cider mill and over 1,000 acres of apple trees. Its hard cider for easy living, come on by and see for yourself!

Blake’s grows over 40 different apple varieties on the property, along with a diverse selection of crops. For seven decades Blake’s has striven to put community and environment at its forefront, with a passion for providing its visitors with the freshest homegrown fruit and vegetables and a memorable family experience.

Founded in 1946 by Gerald and Lovey Blake, Blake Farms was built on hard work and strong family ties. With a desire to explore farming, Gerald moved out of the suburbs and on to a hundred-acre plot of land Armada, MI and raised their 13 kids in a 3-bedroom farmhouse. Twin brothers, Pete and Paul Blake, returned after graduating from Michigan State with an interest in growing what their family had built over the years, adding more diverse experiences for visitors. Years later, Paul’s son, Andrew Blake, who had grown up working on the farm with his family, returned to Armada after graduating from MSU with a desire to explore hard cider. With his family’s blessing and support, Andrew founded Blake’s Hard Cider in 2013.