Blue Kuna

My love for food and people over the years motivated me to start this company.

The journey I experienced with so many people in so many places inspired me to go out on my own. Starting out with great interest in flavors, ingredients and a desire to learn how they all work well together, I began to learn from many experienced cooks and chefs. Traveling to experience cultures and different exotic dishes and cooking traditions ignited my desire even more so to keep learning and growing as a chef. Eventually, I took the leap to be my own boss (persay) in branching off as a Personal Chef. This has been a wonderful journey. One that allowed me to start my own company in 2016. I have been slowly building it into a solid source of flavor and creativity for people to enjoy. My passion and dedication are spent on refining a product that people can enjoy again and again. I hope to continue to make this company my life's work.

I absolutely love working with people, food and flavor!


  • Apples
  • Cherries