Charlevoix Cheese Co. (Boss Dairy Farms)


Boss Dairy Farms is a small family-owned dairy farm located in Charlevoix, Michigan. Milking 230 Holstein cattle twice daily, our cows are well cared for and produce the highest quality milk. A true farmstead creamery, the farm uses milk exclusively from the herd to produce artisan cheese under the name of Charlevoix Cheese Company.

Baby calves are born on site and nurtured into milking cows with care and compassion. Corn, hay, and soil-improving cover crops are planted and harvested to feed the herd. Over 1800 gallons of premium milk are processed daily using a double-7 herringbone milking parlor. From the parlor, the milk is then transported to the cheese plant via an elevated pipeline, where it is pasteurized and made into cheese within hours of being collected. Cheese recipes are tailored to fit the farm’s feed, cattle breed and production system and develop a flavor signature that is unique to Charlevoix Cheese Company.


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