Coach Stop Farm


3755 72nd Avenue
Zeeland, MI 49464
Michigan / Ottawa

We raise naturally-raised meats, with all meat animals having outside access, fresh grass in summer, hay from our fields in winter. We are not certified organic, but our fields are clean of chemicals for nearly 40 years, so our grass and hay is organic in fact.

We raise Heritage Berkshire pork, which can be purchased as halves or wholes. We usually have a selection of cuts in our retail freezers. If you order a half or whole, we deliver free within a 50-mile radius of our farm and we pay the processing fees, so you pay an amount based on hanging weight of your order.

Beef - we raise beef the same way, generally our feeders are all beef breeds. The taste of our beef is phenomenal. Ordering is by quarters, halves or wholes, and we do the same with delivery and processor fees as with pork.

Turkey for Thanksgiving has been a tradition now for a bunch of years - our pasture-raised birds are juicy and tasty and we have never had a dissatisfied customer. Price is set each year based on the packed price of the processed bird, each bird is vac-packed and has a weight sticker on it. Birds are distributed FRESH early the week of Thanksgiving each year.

Chicken is pasture-raised also, vac-packed whole, price is set each year. When we do distribution, birds are fresh, but we usually have frozen birds in our retail freezers, too.

We generally have farm-fresh brown eggs, as well.

Contact us to be added to any or all of our distribution emails. We use the BCC line to keep everyone's email private.

Using draft-horse power (Percherons), we farm a little over 50 acres outside of Zeeland, Michigan. Pastures, grain crops, and hay are managed without chemicals for weed or insect control. We find that Mother Nature, properly balanced, takes care of "bad bugs" by providing "good bugs" to dine on them. Likewise, weeds are discouraged by periodic plantings of cover crops which feed soil and enhance future crop growth.

Our animals are raised "free-range", not confinement-style. We are able to pasture them on grass, augmented by appropriate corn-based protein rations for flavor and growth. By avoiding high-population, confinement-style raising of animals, antibiotics are unnecessary to maintain health.

The meat is defined as "naturally raised" instead of "organically raised" because we do have to buy some grain products and can't always be guaranteed that those are organic. Over the years, we've given great value for the money our customers have invested in our meat products. Size, flavor, and price-per-pound are generally a far better value than any supermarket can offer.

We also generally have frozen pork as retail cuts and whole frozen chickens; contact us to find out what we have on hand and arrange to stop by, open by appointment only.

If you're interested in knowing more about naturally-raised food products, have questions about prices and availability of different meats, or would like to visit our farm, just give us a call!

Growing Practices

  • Free Range
  • Grass Fed/Pasture Raised
  • Rotational Grazing
  • We buy feeds in appropriately mixed grower rations for chicken, turkey, pork and have our own custom mix for beef. All our feeds come from local mills, so are not GMO-free.