Craig’s Coffee


Coffee is roasted TO ORDER every Tuesday and Wednesday. Typically there’s a 24-48 hour turn around on retail orders. So if you order your coffee on Friday, it will be roasted and shipped/delivered Tuesday. If you order coffee on Tuesday, it will be roasted and delivered/shipped the next day, Wednesday. (You get the gist?) We try our best to complete local same-day orders, pending on time.

Cold Brew and Cold Brew Concentrate are usually stock. Due to limited production, you must contact me directly to purchase cold brew and concentrate. This excludes the Bean Juice Club and Coffee Concentrate Subscriptions.

All of the coffee offered from Craig’s Coffee is 100% traceable - when I use the word “traceable”, I mean that I know exactly where the coffee is coming from; this includes who the farmers are, the name and region of the farm, and the processing station for which the coffee was turned from a fruit into a “bean”. Most times, we know exactly how much the farmer is making in the sale of their coffee. This isn’t so hard these days with current technology. Half of the farmers we work with are just a WhatsApp message or an email away. So when (and if) you hear the term “direct trade”, it doesn’t usually mean the Roaster was involved with a “trade” of goods, aka the roaster paying the producer directly for coffee. It just doesn’t happen that way anymore, and never really happened that way. This is because it’s nearly impossible and somewhat illegal for a producer to ship their green coffee from their farm directly to a roastery, especially in the United States… There a series of checkpoints and requirements that raw grains (raw coffee) have to pass through. More often than not, when a roaster refers to “direct trade”, it means that they and the producer (often the owner of the farm) have agreed on a quantity, a price, and a third party exporter to help broker the deal and ship the coffee from origin to destination.

Buying green coffee typically isn’t the magical journey that it’s made out to be. It involves massive amounts of raw goods, huge sums of money, and airtight logistics. Not to mention one bad winter can ruin an entire crop. There’s a lot of moving parts, and a lot of people involved. And at the end of the day, it’s just coffee. But we’re proud to say that we involve ourselves very deeply and invest in all of our relationships with our coffee producers. This means securing and guaranteeing that we’ll buy bags from the farmer.