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Unit 14
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Grand Traverse

ERG Apple Ginger

We're out to shake up the snack food market with real food product. Have you ever read the labels on other bars on the market? Brown rice protein isolate? What the heck is that? "Organic" cane syrup? Sounds like straight cane sugar to us. Our bars are hand-made fresh every day and they don't have anything in them that you wouldn't have in your refrigerator or that you wouldn't feed to your kids. They are just real food that you can carry in your pocket. Fresh, simple, and real. Dennis started making his own bars in the summer of 2011, and when he'd give one to a friend, they'd say "These are really good, you ought to sell them."

We are a locally made grassroots company, we learned a bit about licensing and food business in 2011. We started making bars in early 2012 after hours at a friend's ice cream shop. We spent a year in a 10x10 space in a shared kitchen as we developed new flavors and built our first local dealer network. We never wanted a co-packer making our product, so 2013 we moved to our own 1,500 sq ft facility where we can make and ship extremely fresh product to our customers and dealers.

We use only the best ingredients that we can get, and we are constantly refining the taste and texture of our bars. We tinkered and we tinkered some more. We developed the name, the flavors, the process, the packaging, and we hope you like them.

~Dennis & Katy Bean-Larson


  • Fruit
  • Grain
  • Honey