Erratic Ale Co.


8080 Grand Street, Suite 3
Dexter, MI 48130

Erratic Ale Co. is a family owned and operated nanobrewery. Brian is the brewer. Deb works on the books. Our family and friends keep the taproom and kitchen running smoothly. We all work together to provide you great small-batch beer brewed and served in house in Dexter.
Erratic Ale Co is thankful for our community and its support while opening during the pandemic. We wanted to find a why to give back to the community we love. So in collaboration with our guests, we will support one charity or non-profit a month and donate a total of $2 per pint sold from the Good Neighbor Tap. That is $1 from our guests and $1 dollar from Erratic Ale Co. Thank you all for your support. Since Nov of 2021: We have raised over $9500.