Five Shores Brewing


163 S Benzie Blvd
Beulah, MI 49617

Five Shores Brewing is the product of years of planning, dedication, and passion for craft beer — but the story is ultimately about embracing the unknown. Helmed by Oliver Roberts, an award-winning brewer from Ann Arbor, and Matt Demorest, a business owner and craft beer aficionado, Five Shores was hatched like so many breweries before it: over a couple beers. Matt and Oliver met at a critical juncture — Oliver was ready to take his brewing career to the next level in Northern Michigan, an area he had grown to love, and Matt had been searching for that elusive “perfect partner” to bring a decade-long dream to fruition. A business plan, some serious soul-searching, and several beers later, Five Shores Brewing broke ground in the historic Quonset building in Beulah, Michigan.

This brewery’s roots run deep in Michigan soil. We take inspiration from the water, the grain, and the steadfast people who call this place home. Five Shores is here to give you a place to explore and enjoy craft beer, escape from your inbox, and connect with friends and family. Because at the end of the day, a pint is only a pint unless it’s enjoyed in a place you love.

At every stage of life, there’s uncertainty. But there’s also a little bit of wildness and wonder in that uncertainty. Five Shores Brewing started as an idea, and we offer it to you now as a haven for connection, enjoyment, and relaxation. Every shore should be explored — especially the unknown ones.