Freekeh Harvest

Michigan / Oakland

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Freekeh was discovered around 2300 B.C. by accident. A civil war was raging in the Eastern Mediterranean. Under siege and worried they would lose everything, the village farmers harvested their wheat early, while still green, and hid the grain in storage barns. The barns were burned, but the farmers discovered that when they rubbed the burnt grain chaff together, a roasted high protein seed with a unique nutty flavor emerged. Freekeh was born! The word freekeh comes from the Arabic word “farik” meaning “to rub.”

Today, freekeh arrives as a pita chip! Subtly smoky and perfectly nutty, our Freekeh Harvest™ Baked Pita Chips are made using traditionally harvested freekeh so you can taste a little bit of its rich history with every bite.