Gaby’s Gourmandise

Grand Rapids

Growing up in the rural Loire Valley of France, Chef Gaby enjoyed the bounty of fresh produce that was available at his fingertips and the craftsmanship of the many boulangerie and patisserie. It was his love of food and how it brings folks together that led him to become a chef, training in Michelin-rated restaurants in Paris. After spending many years as an executive chef, catering manager, and teacher in the San Francisco area, Chef Gaby wanted to follow his dream of bringing traditional and unique treats from his little corner of France to a shop of his own. That dream was realized in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Chef Gaby and his wife moved to be closer to family and to be part of the booming West Michigan food community.

Gaby's Gourmandise was born at the Fulton Street Farmers' Market, where Chef Gaby got to know many of the local farmers and the bounty of produce and local products available to him. When Gaby's Gourmandise opened a brick and mortar shop at the Downtown Market Grand Rapids in 2021, Chef Gaby was able to continue with, and expand, his partnerships with those local farmers. The incorporation and optimization of local goods and produce is essential to the success of Gaby's Gourmandise, as well as the heart of Chef Gaby's French roots.

Chef Gaby incorporates local eggs, honey, milk, and cream - even making his own butter from local dairy - as well as fruits and vegetables in his pastries and savory items such as quiches, veggie tartines, crêpes, soups, and more. Gaby's Gourmandise is a celebration of the finer foods in life and enjoying something so much that you don’t want it to end. “Gourmandise” literally translates to gluttony in English, but it is something much more in the French language. Gourmandise is an appreciation of something so good, so indescribable that you cannot help but indulge.


  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Cider
  • Honey