Guerrilla Food: Food as Medicine


17740 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, Michigan 48023
Michigan / Wayne

GUERRILLA FOOD is a Detroit-based grassroots culinary team by Meiko and Khalee with the mission of “using food as medicine.”

GUERRILLA FOOD is the team behind:
Pink FlaminGo To Go farm-to-table carry-out restaurant in the Palmer Park neighborhood, Detroit
Pink FlaminGo vintage food trailer located in a community garden in Corktown, Detroit
Guerrilla Food catering program

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves. Yet, we are constantly putting them through so much. How can we tune in, listen to what are our bodies really asking for, and act consciously to rejuvenate ourselves and maintain our vitality? GUERRILLA FOOD emerged out of this question. The response is a beautiful, complicated and joyful process. Thanks for joining us on this journey of communal self-healing.