Harvest Chocolate


We're Harvest Chocolate, bean-to-bar chocolate makers who handcraft seasonal chocolate bars and Snacking Chocolate to celebrate everyday moments. We use simple, organic ingredients and source fresh cacao seasonally, using local fruits from the season to add unique flavors to our chocolate.

The art of making chocolate doesn’t start in our kitchen. Its origins are from the Cenote Lake of Guatemala, to the rainy fields of Costa Rica, to the tropical farmlands of Ghana, where cacao grows naturally. At Harvest Chocolate, the craft matters, which is why we travel the world finding the best cacao, each variety having a different flavor profile so you can taste the difference and experience your own chocolate adventure. Building relationships with farmers and suppliers is a big part of our travel, then handcrafting our chocolate locally – all so you can enjoy true bean-to-bar chocolate.

As authentic makers and chocolate enthusiasts, we believe in doing everything in our kitchen. We don't purchase processed chocolate—we buy cacao beans, then roast, crack and winnow, and handcraft every bar, every piece of Snacking Chocolate, and every bag of tea.

Mass production isn't for us, but we think you'll taste the difference in ethically sourced, meticulously crafted chocolate with ingredients you can pronounce. And we believe everyone should enjoy chocolate, so our bean-to-bar chocolate is always gluten-free and vegan.

We believe Farmer prosperity is a key ingredient in good chocolate, which is why sourcing and building strong relationships is a critical component in the chocolate making process. We've traveled to the farms where our cacao comes from, walked the fields where the cacao grows, and tasted the beautiful crops that grow along-side the cacao we source. Before there is a chocolate maker, there is a farmer, a terroir within the country where the cacao grows, and a farmer relationship to build strong.