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MY BEES NEST L.L.C is a local apiary and beekeeping business that specializes not only in honeybees, but honey production and beeswax products as well. MY BEES NEST L.L.C was established in February 2021 and started as a hobby to learn where honey comes from and how it is made from one of nature's tiny, but powerful insects. Since then, MY BEES NEST L.L.C. has expanded to share this passion and knowledge of beekeeping to the community and with those that are intrigued by the health benefits of honey and uses of pure beeswax. The mission of MY BEES NEST L.L.C is to provide high-quality, pure and organic honey that is ethically sourced and sustainably produced. MY BEES NEST L.L.C offers educational programs and workshops for schools, organizations and individuals who want to learn more about beekeeping and honey making. MY BEES NEST L.LC believes that by promoting bee awareness and conservation, we can help protect these vital pollinators and their habitats for future generations. MY BEES NEST'S honey products can be found seasonally in Davison's Farmers Market, Jenny Bees Flowers & Trees, and year-round at Queen's Provisioning. You can also contact MY BEES NEST personally to find your honey products by phone, text or email and through Facebook and Instagram by using mybeesnestllc.

Growing Practices

  • Apiculture
  • Integrated Pest Management


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