Red Timber Ranch


13820 W Kinley Rd
Fowler, Michigan 48835
Michigan / Clinton

Our purpose at Red Timber Ranch is to produce the best food in the world. We aim to achieve that goal by raising animals the way they were created to live. Cattle range on an open pasture, where they are 100% grass fed until the finishing phase, and finished on pasture with access to a small ration of high quality small grains as a supplement. We utilize Holistically Managed Grazing, moving the herd daily to a new pasture, to assure a healthy lifestyle and stable growth of the animal, creating better beef for the customer. Pigs are entitled to enjoy a far greater amount of space than industrial confinement animals, and are fed as much apples, pears, and forage as can be provided to supplement their grain diet.

We are constantly working towards creating a more sustainable farm, and while our journey is not complete, there is a clear vision of a farm that will rival any other for sustainability and regenerative techniques.

Growing Practices

  • Grass Fed/Pasture Raised