Redline Brewing Company


5470 Lapeer Rd
Burton, MI 48509

Redline Brewing company is a small Microbrewery and Distillery located in the outskirts of Buick City (Burton, MI). It has been a hell of an adventure making Redline Brewing Company a reality. The owner, brewer and distiller (Doug Grover) was a special education teacher for seven years prior to opening the brewery who caught the home brewing bug early on in his teaching tenure. It was at that point he dreamt up the idea of mixing his two passions; gears and beers. Being an avid motorcycle, gearhead, hot rod truck and car enthusiast and an all around adrenaline junkie the idea of putting together a very “come as you are” hot rod/automotive themed brewery with rockabilly and punk rock in the background seemed like just the ticket. After a couple years of business planning and hustling as much as possible, Redline Brewing Company became a reality on 10/1/15, he was a full time business owner and brewer and teaching was a memory! Then… on 10/11/15 the building burnt down and it was back to square one….. again. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears and quite a few beers and with the help of family and some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for, the current Redline Brewing Company was born on Valentines Day 2016 and has been rocking out ever since!