Chelsea, MI 48118
Michigan / Washtenaw

SANiCH UNiON is a wicked awesome food truck run by two chefs, Phil & Vanessa Coulson. We started recreating classic sandwiches, burgers, breakfast saniches along with some pretty tasty side items. That led us to cooking a variety of cuisines! If you have tried anything from us, you know we don't run the same boring menu every time. We like to change things up! Custom menus are what we are all about.
Know this: When you try food from us, you will always get cuisine that is well executed and well seasoned, plus great hospitality to boot! 
The question you have to ask yourself is: WHO DOESN'T WANT A SANDWICH MADE BY A CHEF?

In the summer you can find us at Robin Hills Farm and whipping up a monthly brunch at Agricole Farm Stop. Check and follow our socials to see what we are up to!