Sprout Fresh Food Store


580 W Huron St
Pontiac, MI 48341
Michigan / Oakland

The idea for Sprout Fresh Food Store came to us early, when we began talking to neighbors about the things they'd like to see changed about our community, it was almost unanimous–"We want a place to buy vegetables."

You see, within walking distance of our neighborhood are three gas stations, two coney islands, and a number of bars and liquor stores. There are no grocery stores. We began to imagine what it would look like to open a small vegetable store.

In 2013 we bought a building. We imagined that it would be a breeze to just open up weeks after we bought it. Other people had different plans. It was here that we learned about building permits, new plumbing, new furnaces, a new roof and more. In the end, after three years and almost $100,000 of renovations, we were able to open Sprout Fresh Food Store in January of 2017.


  • Fruit
  • Vegetables