Stone House Bread

Traverse City

4200 US 31 S
Traverse City, MI 49685
Grand Traverse

asiago cheese loaf

The SOURDOUGH EXPERTS, delivering artisan bread to major grocery store chains in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

We believe that bread is so much more than just a food. It's a craft, a creed and a way to bring warmth to the world.

At Stone House Bread, we've taken the scenic route, leaving no stone unturned in our tireless quest to create bread that fulfills more than just appetites.

We are the makers and our bread the messenger of warmth and wisdom. We wild ferment each delightfully tangy sourdough loaf with a slow method mastered through years of experience.

We source the same simple ingredients used for centuries, like organic flour and sea salt, and cool Michigan well water straight from our own well.

We practice our skill. We practice patience. We practice mixing and forming and baking to elevate the distinct taste, crispy texture and natural wellness within every loaf.

Beyond our ovens, we're also on a mission to be part of something bigger. It's why we work to provide warmth and shelter to all in the communities that we serve.


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