Tastefull Vegan Desserts


2265 Porter St SW
Wyoming, MI 49519
Michigan / Kent

Our Story
As a teenager growing up in Detroit, I spent more time reading food labels than Nancy Drew novels because of my diet. It was not popular in the early 90s to be a vegetarian and the choices for a vegetarian that didn’t eat eggs was even slimmer. However, I grew up surrounded by a family that would turn an average Thanksgiving Dinners into Royal Feast full of plant based main courses and yummy desserts. When I recall some of my most precious moments in childhood, it was smelling baked goodies in the oven during the holidays. Our birthdays were always special because my mom would make special cakes for my brother and I because she didn’t want us to miss out. She knew bakeries didn’t have options for us so she created them! All that was missing was the ice cream!

Growing up around friends and family I began to empathize with those who weren’t able to enjoy foods that they loved because of food allergies. Whether the food restriction is by choice or not, I believe that no allergy, dietary lifestyle choice, or anything should prevent you from being able to enjoy one of life’s greatest joys. Ice cream! That’s why I created Tastefull Vegan Frozen Desserts.