Toast Birmingham


203 Pierce St
Birmingham, MI 48009
Michigan / Oakland

According to legend, a 2001 space odyssey was created . . . Alien life forms from a distant galaxy far far away decided to spread the love of breakfast across the universe. Ground zero for this small, miraculous feat, was a tiny hipster town of Ferndale in Michigan. The aliens enlisted the trust, faith and the enchanted recipes for gourmet breakfast to Regan Bloom. Regan, being a skeptic at heart, was woken from a dream one night, not believing her eyes… There standing in front of her bed post was an alien being that looked oddly like a unicorn. The unicorn being said, “Hello. I come in peace”. With a ray of sparkle filled light the knowledge of universal breakfast love was bestowed and thus began the legacy of Toast. To this day you can find your own little slice of heaven in Ferndale and the fairy tale city of Birmingham. May the force be with you to carry breakfast in your heart and served all day long.