• U-Pick

4893 Fernwood
Detroit, MI 48204
Michigan / Wayne

Our community-run farm in Detroit brings together Ugandan immigrants to grow food for our region. Agriculture is the way of life in Uganda, where culture can’t be separated from farming. Supporting the Ugandan Community of Michigan’s farm supports keeping our culture alive in Detroit.

We started our farm to promote health throughout our community and provide food to those who need it. Our produce finds it’s way to churches, Freedom House Detroit, and others who are in need of food.

The farm is a project of UCOM, an organization dedicated to promoting the art and culture of Uganda. Our membership and events are open to anyone interested in supporting Ugandan heritage.

Our mission is to promote and share our art and cultural heritage with the community. Ugandans are known for their love of being social and welcoming people. We welcome anyone to become a member.

UCOM is a unified body that works together towards skills development, entrepreneurship, career advancement, youth empowerment, and giving back to the community. We help provide members access to resources that will enable them to maximize their opportunities within our communities.