Yum Village


8029 Agnes St.
Detroit, Michigan 48214
Michigan / Wayne

Afro-Caribbean Food Justice.
Fresh-made, delicious Afro-Caribbean Food & Drinks available to every village. Our kitchen allows us chef-prepared meals efficiently priced to what the community can afford. We’ll bring ready-to-eat meals to you — at home, work, school, or on the go to your Village of choice. Together we can make a just food village, where good food is affordable and accessible to all.

African Raised.
As a Nigerian and African-American, food is a central part of Godwin Ihentuge’s family. Cooking allows Ihentuge to connect with his roots and has been a constant throughout his life. “I really want to see a proper spread of the culture of diaspora,” he says. “I want to eat food that’s indigenous to my culture.” In keeping with its founder’s African roots, Yum Village sources 15% of its ingredients from Haiti, the Caribbean, and West Africa. Join us at our community events for celebrations of food, fun, and extraordinary diasporic heritage.

Locally Made.
Ihentuge is a part of Detroit’s story — he grew up here, went to school here, and took part in its incubation. “At the end of the day I’m a kid from Detroit, native Detroiter, for the most part, we came here when I was five, ate Gregg’s Pizza with everyone in Livernois. I came up through the Detroit system, WSU, and worked at different restaurants”. Yum Village is committed to giving back to the city, maintaining active partnerships with World Central Kitchen and Brilliant Detroit, and 85% of the ingredients in Yum Village’s food come from the Detroit area.