Zingerman’s Bakehouse

Ann Arbor

3711 Plaza Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Michigan / Washtenaw

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Started in 1992, Zingerman's Bakehouse began as a simple bread bakery with a single customer: Zingerman’s Delicatessen. Driven by our passion for baking great bread and pastries and sharing them, we’ve grown and evolved over the years However, we’ve been committed to our mission “the relentless pursuit of being the best bakery we can imagine” from the very beginning. We are true artisan bakers, which means we use traditional recipes, time-honored processes, our hands, and flavorful ingredients to make our bread and sweet treats. And, we’re making them fresh for you each and every day.

We bake using the best ingredients we can find including organic wheat flour, rye, and cornmeal and Michigan-grown grains like spelt and einkorn. We aim to showcase the flavors and benefits of enjoying whole grains and highlight the spectrum of wheat varieties and other grains that are out there. For select breads and pastries, we freshly grind whole grain flours on our own stone mill here at the Bakehouse.

We use local farm fresh sour cream and milk, Wisconsin sweet cream butter, high-cacao-percentage chocolates, Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, Michigan honey, local farm apples, fresh cage-free eggs, and more. We continue to move toward using more locally grown or produced ingredients, organic when possible, and building lasting relationships with those local farmers, millers, and producers.

We are proud to serve our Zingerman’s partner businesses, the southeastern Michigan community, and beyond—363 days a year!


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