Why Local

The Power of Local Food In Our Communities

Knowing where our food comes from connects us to the process of how it was grown and prepared. It allows us to support our communities in a way that isn’t possible within an international food system.

Benefits of Local Food Systems 

Keeping Money Local: Supporting local businesses of all kinds keeps money in our local economy. Compared to chains and big box stores, local business owners spend a higher percentage of their income with other local businesses. Buying locally also builds job opportunities as community-based businesses tend to employ more people per sale. 

Transparency:  When your farmer is across the market table, instead of across the county, you have more opportunities to ask questions and get to know the people and practices behind your food. This open and direct communication creates deeper connection and trust and gives you more control over your food choices and the types of businesses your food dollars support.

Relationship Building: Relationships are powerful, and business owners and employees living in our communities mean building relationships with them is as easy as saying hello at the farmers market or around town. When we have a relationship with our food producers, we feel good about knowing where our money is going. 

Trust: With strong relationships comes trust. The local food movement is about the trust gained by knowing the people involved in growing and producing the your food. It’s easier to trust that what they say about their business practices is true. 

The Local Food Movement at TLD

Taste the Local Difference® is built on a series of relationships that encourage community support, trust, and transparency. All of the farms, processors, and businesses represented via TLD channels are committed to the local food system and have signed onto our TLD Pledge to consumers.