5 Food Focused Films for 2020

Films provide a channel for inspiration, escape, education and sometimes even a new-found purpose. Alex, our UP Local Food Coordinator, picked out the following 5 films to keep your creative juices flowing. Plus, these films are a great way to keep from going too stir-crazy during winter.

A Fine Line – A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen – 2017

Alice Waters, a renowned local food advocate, said, “If we celebrated food for what it should be celebrated for, women would naturally rise to the top.” This documentary dives deep into the journey and representation of women in the culinary industry. It includes conversations with star women chefs, like April Bloomfield, who explain how sourcing from local farmers just makes more sense.

Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness – 2015

The One Straw Revolution, written by Masanobu Fukuoka, inspired this film that highlights the natural farming movement throughout Japan, Korea, and the United States. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, original soundtrack, and modern look at age-old ideas.

Temple Grandin – 2010 

This is the only film listed here that isn’t a documentary – though it is still based on the true story of Temple Grandin. She was diagnosed with autism as a child and went on to pursue work in psychology and animal science. This film follows her life as a leading advocate for autistic communities and the humane treatment of animals in the slaughtering process. 

Food Evolution – 2016

Dive deep into a conversation about GMOs and the science of food. This film explains how easily miscommunication can take away from objective, evidence-based analysis. 

Before the Plate – 2018 – Available in North American March 3rd of 2020 

Follow Chef John Horne of Toronto restaurant, Canoe, as he traces the life of ingredients from one plate of food back to the farmers and places they came from. The movie doesn’t make it to the states until March, but according to their website, “ John investigates some of the most pressing issues facing farmers today, and discovers what it takes to produce food in a rapidly evolving agricultural landscape.Enjoy a rare look at today’s food system, as the worlds of agriculture and cooking come crashing together in one mouth-watering Canadian food story.”

Alex Palzewicz is the Upper Peninsula Local Food Coordinator for Taste the Local Difference and the Market Manager for the U.P. Food Exchange. 

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