Local Foodie Checklist: July!

The Local Foodie Checklist is a monthly list of ways to support your local Michigan food scene. Here’s some suggestions for July: 


A great way to connect with your local food is to do the harvesting yourself! A recommend a one-for-the-basket and one-for-me method when picking strawberries. Curious about where to go? Check out our guide!

Picnic Season

It’s hotter than ever, and I find myself wanting to only be at the beach. Make sure your fridge is stocked with salad and wrap ingredients, or maybe some local cheese, so you can quickly pack up a cooler and go, and still be repping local! Don’t forget to grab some Michigan wine or beer! 

Food Justice

As a team, we’re engaging in racial equity discussions, and utilizing our resources to make sure local food is something everyone can get involved with. To take action, see our list of black-owned and -operated farms to support or donate to organizations focused on creating more just food systems near you. Additionally, education through different forms of media offer an opportunity to learn more about food justice. Some of our favorites include: Padma Lakshmi’s Taste the Nation (TV show to watch), Racist Sandwich (podcast to listen to), and Leah Penniman’s Farming While Black (book to read.) 

Preserve, preserve! 

Hold on to those summer tastes by preserving the bounty of summer! Freeze, can, or dehydrate a part of your produce to make sure you can enjoy those summer tomatoes or peaches when the snow is knee-high. Want to become a home preservation expert? MSU Extension offers a ten dollar course to take online

Pick a local bouquet!  

Michigan flower farms are really showing their colors! Make sure to pick up your blooms at a local farmers market, or visit a u-pick farm to make your own. You can even enjoy edible blooms, such as nasturtiums, red clover, and basil blossoms, in your salads for a health boost!

What’s on your checklist for this month?