Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup : 2020 Edition

We love Thanksgiving – but this year is going to look completely different due to Covid-19. The meal will be smaller and no longer can you justify that 6th trip to the store on the day of Thanksgiving or rely on one of your dozen dinner guests to bring that necessary onion or bottle of wine.

Here are our tips for celebrating a smaller Turkey day than normal:

  1. Go against the norm! Even a small turkey may be too large for your household – roast a chicken, or go totally rogue and make something from our digital cookbook, TASTES.
  2. Focus on your favorites! Love your great aunt’s cranberry sauce, but won’t see her at the dinner table this month? Give her a call and write down the recipe, that way you can catch up and still enjoy her signature dish with your meal.
  3. Make a plan! Prior to grocery shopping, make a list and check it twice so that you don’t have to take any unnecessary trips out. Better yet, check in to see which farms have online stores or if your local farmers markets has curbside pick up.

Over the years, we’ve shared a variety of recipes that are perfect for this food-centric holiday, so it seemed like it was time to put them all in one spot. Check out some of our tried & true seasonal recipes.

Local Thanksgiving Dishes

Taste the Local Difference this Thanksgiving
Try wilted spinach and roasted chestnuts!

Tricia’s Thanksgiving Favorites
Check out some of our CEO’s favorite recipes!

Light & Refreshing Vegetable Carpaccio
Thinly sliced apples, beets, and other root vegetables make for a stunning and delicious side.

Crop Spot: Turnips
These tasty root veggies are often overlooked. Try them mashed or glazed for a deliciously different side this holiday.

Fall Flavors: Winter Squash
Intimidated by all the different types of squash out there? Check out our guide!

Star of the Plate: Vegetarian Entrees
Now that you’re in charge, enjoy these delightful meat-free meals that are filling and easy to source locally this time of year.

Indigenous Chopped Challenge : Pumpkin Pinto Cake
Get in touch with foods native to the Great Lakes region with this recipe from Chef Vicki Wells

Sparkling Holiday Desserts
From our holiday guide, use these festive desserts and libations to wow your guests this season!

Modern Bird Bakery’s Apple Pie
Get the secret of their cream cheese crust and tender apple filling.

Let us know what you’re cooking this Thanksgiving and tag us @tastethelocaldifference!

Emma Beauchamp is the Communications Manager for Taste the Local Difference. Contact her at [email protected]