Production Resources

45th Parallel Seeds

20203 N. Allis Hwy. Onaway, Michigan 49765 | 989-306-3124

Thousands of tomato and other open pollinated seed company.

Agrienergy Resources

21417 1950 E. Street Princeton, IL 61356 | (815) 872-1928

Over the years, we have heard countless success stories from our customers about the advantages of the AgriEnergy Resources approach to agriculture. Here are a few advantages of the AgriEnergy Resources system:

Lower purchased nitrogen requirements.
Less primary tillage needed to create an excellent seedbed.
Lower drying costs (corn raised on biologically active soils is 2 points dryer out of the field on average).
Lower herbicide costs, as weed pressure recedes as soils come into balance.
Less water needed when irrigating, as soil moisture holding capacity rises with humus content.
Higher quality grains and other crops, with better keeping characteristics.
Higher nutrient density, with more vitamins and minerals. This shows up when farmers feed their own crops.
Lower populations of molds on harvested grain.
Better access to niche markets, among users who want quality.

No matter what you are growing – no matter what your soil type – the team at AgriEnergy Resources can help!  We have the People, the Products, and the Principles to help you.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs.

Albert Lea Seed

1414 W Main St. Albert Lea, MN 56007 | 800-352-5247

Albert Lea Seed House was founded by Lou Ehrhardt in 1923 as a family-owned seed store offering field seed, garden seed and farm supplies. Current owners Tom and Mac Ehrhardt, grandsons of Lou Ehrhardt, currently operate the Seed House. You can still call and talk directly with them.

Farmers and growers have appreciated our prices, and respected our simple, fair approach to farm seed that doesn’t involve hidden deals. We have expanded our genetic options, increased access to traits and seed treatments, and offer new financing and other services. Today you will find elite genetics and leading-edge technologies from all the major genetic suppliers at prices up to 40% less than the major seed brands.

We maintain professional memberships with the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association, American Seed Trade Association, Western Seed Association, Sustainable Farming Association, both the National and the Minnesota Corn and Soybean Growers Associations, and the Independent Professional Seedsmen Association. In addition, we are Certified Organic Processors meeting the National Organic Program standards for processing organically-raised grains, soybeans and other field crops.

Seed produced and conditioned by the Albert Lea Seed House has been grown and labeled in accordance with the rules and inspections established by the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association for certified conventional and certified organic seed.

American Farmland Trust

1150 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 600 Washingon, DC 20036 | 1-800-421-1489

American Farmland Trust (AFT) began in 1980 after a small group of farmers and conservationists asked an important question: What will happen to the nation’s food supply if we continue to wastefully develop our best farm and ranch land?

AFT focused in the early years on pioneering programs around the country that use a powerful tool – conservation easements – to make the nation’s best farmland off limits to developers. We have been a strong advocate for voluntary conservation practices and programs that preserve not just land but also our precious soil and water supplies

Today, AFT is dedicated to preserving the nation’s farm and ranch land – and critical natural resources like soil and water. We also make sure to never forget that it is people – our family farmers and ranchers – who feed us and sustain America. Our mission is to protect farmland, promote sound farming practices, and keep farmers on the land.

IN NORTHWEST MICHIGAN, The Farmland Pollinator Protection Project is a USDA CIG grant funded program for installing pollinator habitat and pollination service credit payments to farmers. The project is a partnership with Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, Michigan State University and Kieser and Associates.  For more information, contact Brian Brandt of American Farmland Trust at [email protected] 614-430-8130 X 201

Contact the Midwest office at: 4952 N. Chatham Drive, Bloomington, IN 47404, 317-508-0756.

Check out our resources at: or, for Michigan-specific information, go to:

ANC Incubator Kitchen

1619 E Kalamazoo Street Lansing, Michigan 48912 | 517-367-2468

Our licensed incubator kitchens are versatile commercial kitchens that can accommodate a wide variety of interests and needs. Rental of the Cooking Kitchen and Wash-Pack Kitchen provides many services and benefits, including:

Opportunities for farmers and entrepreneurs to develop value-added food businesses and build client bases
Commercial facilities and materials to prepare meals or products for sale, or before special events
Several free workshops for entrepreneurs relating to business development, food safety, and financial management.
For pricing, take a look at our rate sheet.

Our Cooking Kitchen equipment includes:

Four 8 foot x 3 foot stainless steel worktables
Vulcan 10-burner stove with two commercial ovens
Duke convection oven
Variety of appliances, small wares, and kitchen essentials
Multiple sinks for hand washing, food preparation, and dishwashing
Dry and cold storage for an additional cost

Byron Seeds

775 N 350 E Rockville, IN  47872 | 231-357-7467

Byron Seeds LLC is a team of individuals who have a passion for high energy forages, cover crops, and proper farming techniques. Byron personnel seek to understand our clients’ goals so that we may provide the best environment for our clients’ success through research, education, support, and quality products. Our goal is their success, inspiring them to a long term relationship of security and trust, ensuring our own success. Our one governing principal is to see God be given glory through all of our business relationships and practice.

CBS Solar

16880 Front Street PO Box76 Copemish, Michigan 49625 | 231-378-2936

Located in the Village of Copemish, Contractors Building Supply, Inc.  has been in the renewable energy business for nearly 40 years.  We have a qualified team to meet all your renewable energy needs. From design and installation to energy assessing and consulting, CBS Solar is here to help you save money on your electric bill. From the smallest system for your home to the largest system for your business, CBS Solar has the experience and knowledge to do the job right!

Crop Services International

7700 S. Sprinkle Rd. Portage, MI 49002 | 800-260-7933

Soil Testing, Consulting and Quality Products for sustainable, biological, organic and energetic growers of all sizes.

From truckloads to 1/2# packages we can provide: bulk and toted minerals, liquid fish, kelp, biological inoculums, humates and biochar.

Our mission is to provide the most advanced soil testing, technology and products to enable farmers and growers – of all sizes and types – to improve the health of their soils, crops and animals. As growers follow our guidance to mineralize, bio-activate and balance their soils they will gradually see their crops become cleaner [less toxic contamination] and more nutrient dense.


PO Box 929 Bellaire, MI 49615 | 231-622-5252

Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology is a nonprofit organization focused on making our region stronger and more self-sustainable.

We organize workshops, courses, and conferences that teach our neighbors how to do things like: become a beekeeper, care for goats, build a brick oven, graft fruit trees, manage soil effectively, preserve food, and more. Whether you are new to do-it-yourself projects or you are already a professional, Crosshatch has resources for you.

We also manage guilds: informal, but powerful peer groups that dive deeper into a specific topic. Current guilds exist for small farmers, beekeepers, orchardists, mushroom cultivators, fiber folks, grain growers, and green builders. 

The Chicken Coupe and the Preservation Station are two mobile resources we provide to the community. The Chicken Coupe is a licensed poultry processing trailer that small farms can use as they transition into raising chickens for profit. The Preservation Station is a canning kitchen on wheels that provides space and tools for preserving local food at its peak flavor.

We partner with Grain Train on their Micro-loan Fund.

Ellsworth Farmers Exchange

6509 Center St. Ellsworth, Michigan 49729 | 231-588-2300

Over the years, EFE has continuously added to its many services, making it a one-stop shop for farmers, ranchers, foresters, gardeners, landowners, homeowners, drivers, pet and bird lovers – in other words, there is something for everyone. Those products and services include a full line of feeds, fertilizers, agronomy, crop seeds, tires, batteries and farm supplies.

Ellsworth Energy Services, LLC offers complete LP gas and refined fuel distribution with deliveries to homes, farms, commercial sites and a driver on-call for weekend and night-time emergencies as well as operating the on-site gas station in downtown Ellsworth featuring no-lead and ethanol free gasoline, on-road premium diesel fuel, off-road premium diesel and kerosene, and propane cylinder fills.

Alanson, 7488 M-68, Alanson, MI 49706, 231-548-3200
Atwood, 11900 Byers Rd., Ellsworth (Atwood), MI 49729, 231-599-2592
Gaylord, 1681 S.Otsego Ave., Gaylord, MI 49735, 989-731-6300
Mancelona Retail, 108 S Maple St., Mancelona, MI 49659, 231-587-8411
Mancelona Milling, 406 S. Maple St., Mancelona, MI 49659, 231-587-8411

Family Farm & Home

900 Third Street, Suite 302 Muskegon, MI 49440 | 231-722-8335

We are proud to announce that Family Farm and Home is a family owned and operated company based out of Michigan. Our first stores opened their doors in April 2002. Currently we operate 51 retail location (38 in Michigan, 3 in Indiana, 10 in Ohio) . We cater to our customers’ needs by supplying a wide variety of products in departments such as tools, hardware, automotive, pet, work and casual clothing, footwear, farm supplies, horse and livestock feed, bird food, lawn and garden, and alternative heating.

Go to to find a location near you.

Field & Forest Products

N3296 Kozuzek Rd. Peshtigo , WI 54157 | 800-792-6220

Interested in growing mushrooms? Field & Forest Products can help you get started. We offer superior, certified organic spawn, tools, technical information, and good advice for almost every situation. Whether you are a market grower or hobbiest, our aim is that you enjoy growing mushrooms successfully. We also offer workshops in the spring and fall of each year for mushroom cultivation training, hands-on experience, and taste testing.

Forest Agriculture Enterprises LLC

PO Box 24 Viola, WI 54664 | 630-728-3317

Forest Agriculture Enterprises is an edible woody crops nursery. Although we specialize in hybrid hazelnuts and hybrid chestnuts seedlings, we offer a number of our favorites woody polyculture companions like Korean Nut Pine, Walnuts, Apples, Serviceberry, and Sea Buckthorn.

All of our seedlings come to you in the springtime as dormant bare root stock in order for us to offer quality bulk quantities at an affordable price. Unless otherwise noted, seedlings come in bundles of 25.

All the plant varieties that we offer tolerate climate extremes, including temperature spikes (100+), dips (-40), drought and flood.

Industrialized agriculture as we know it is not sustainable. We see the potential for more farms and homesteads to pair economic stability had from crop diversification with ecological restoration. Our nursery supplies value-adding vegetation that can help restore the environment and create a variety of income streams. We will continue to experiment with woody perennial polycultures as the alternatives to annual monocrop agriculture and we encourage you to participate.

Gilision’s Variety Fabrication

3033 Benzie Hwy. Benzonia, MI 49616 | 231-882-5921

The Gillison team has been manufacturing top quality agricultural equipment since 1977. Take a look at our hedgers, toppers, and skirters to see how GVF designed and manufactured equipment can make your job easier. We’ve put four decades of innovation and refinement into our designs and manufacturing techniques, so you can have the safest, most efficient and effective farm machines available anywhere.

If you’ve got a special challenge in the field, chances are we’ve seen it before and have engineered a solution. If it’s not something we’ve built already, we can figure it out and come up with a new design. We employ more than forty technicians, designers, salespeople, business staff, machine operators, and other agricultural visionaries all on the same mission to make Gillison customers the best equipped farmers in the world.

Other locations: 3860 W. Monroe Road, Hart, MI 49420 and 1515 Woodmere Ave., Traverse City, MI 49686.

Grand Traverse Food Innovation Hub

1610 Barlow St #101 Traverse City, MI 49685 | 231.714.0656

The Grand Traverse Foodshed Alliance (GTFA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Traverse City, Michigan. Our mission is to strengthen local food markets in the Grand Traverse region with the goal of increasing access to, demand for, and consumption of safe, healthy local food, and improving the viability of small scale farms, for the benefit of consumers, farmers, and the community as a whole.

We operate the Grand Traverse Food Innovation Hub which provides basic infrastructure and support to growing food businesses. The facility is comprised of 12,000 square feet of modern food manufacturing and production spaces available for lease at below market rates.

The Food Innovation Hub is co-located with Cherry Capital Foods (CCF) at 1610 Barlow Street in Traverse City. CCF operates their main aggregation and distribution warehouse at this location. Leasing and program management is handled by our partners at Taste the Local Difference, who are also housed in the facility.

Groundswell Community Farm

6527 Quincy Street Zeeland, MI 49464 | 616-885-7776

See an extensive list of grower resources on the website of this CSA farm at:

Hall’s Feed Mill

8118 N. Long Lake Rd. Traverse City, Mi  49685 | 231-946-2985

Our feed mill is open Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Harvest Energy Solutions

2218 East High Street Jackson, MI 49203 | 517-788-8800 x709

Harvest Energy Solutions is a full-service distributor and installer of renewable and energy saving products, specializing in rural, agricultural and commercial energy solutions throughout the Midwest.

At Harvest we assure you that from the first introductory conversation through project completion, we will manage and oversee the complete process. We will become deeply involved with the local townships, your power company, USDA grants, other federal grants, SRECS (solar renewable energy credits) and all other hurdles specific to your renewable installation project. We assist in leveraging all potential incentive opportunities and we stay involved to complete the start to finish process. In addition, we have our own installation and maintenance crews to insure a quality job at each installation.

Herbrooks Poultry Ranch

6425 Grand River Av Saranac, MI 48881-9669 | 616-642-9421

Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch is a leading egg production and processing company based in Michigan. Products include eggs, organic feed corn and fertilizer (pelleted and crumbles; bulk and bagged).

Manure is dried and pelletized in-house. We sell to organic farmers.

High Mowing Organic Seeds

76 Quarry Rd. Wolcott, VT | 802-472-6174

High Mowing Organic Seeds is an independently-owned, farm-based seed company dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and providing farmers and gardeners with the highest quality certified organic seed.

We believe in re-imagining what our world can be like. We believe in a deeper understanding of how re-built food systems can support health on all levels – healthy environments, healthy economies, healthy communities and healthy bodies. We believe in a hopeful and inspired view of the future based on better stewardship for our planet. Everyday that we are in business, we are growing; working to provide an essential component in the re-building of our healthy food systems: the seeds.

Kevin Benson, Agriculture Employment Specialist

Michigan Works! 1209 S. Garfield Ave Suite C Traverse City, , Michigan 49686 | 231-922-3729

We help growers by finding workers, posting job openings and conducting site visits to assess  your needs. Bilingual services in English and Spanish.


501 Lake Ave Traverse City, MI 49684 | 231-947-5900

We proudly offer our customers a wide range of greener solutions for naturally building soil To assist our customers in eliminating harmful, destructive, or just plain bothersome insects and diseases in an environmentally-sound manner, we offer a broad range of organic and natural-based products. We carry seeds in bulk and an array of packaged varieties from trusted names, including organic and heirloom seeds. The majority of our bulk and packaged seeds are non-GMO and open-pollinated varieties that have been used for generations.

Unsure about what to use when amending the soil? When it should be done? How much should be applied? Consider the benefits of a soil test. Not only do you receive a clear picture of your soil profile – which enables you to understand which plants will thrive in that environment or not – but you remove the guesswork out of amending.

Mechanical Transplanter Company

1150 Central Ave. Holland, MI 49423 | 616-396-8738

Bare Root Vegetable, Strawberry & Tobacco Transplanters
Cell Type Carrousel Vegetable & Tobacco Transplanters
Pull Type Trailers
No-Till Attachment
Peat Pot Transplanter
Side Dresser
Plastic Mulch Transplanters
Plastic Mulch Layers & Lifter
Bed Shaper Mulch Layer
Tunnel Layers
Plastic Mulch Prices
Nursery Stock Transplanters
Christmas Tree Transplanters

MI Greenhouse

11721 N. Brinton Rd Lake, MI 48632 | 989-544-2443

We are proud to offer quality molded fiberglass greenhouses in 3 sizes – our 8 foot “Hobby” Model, our 15 foot “Standard” Model, and our 30 foot “Homesteader” Model. These greenhouses come to you as a 1 piece unit that requires NO assembly, requires NO electricity for the solar operated roof vents, and requires NO maintenance.

We have most units in stock and ready for delivery from our Central Michigan location. Our Homesteader Model has options and is made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Our technicians deliver and install the greenhouse at your location so you don’t have to do anything except decide where you want the greenhouse placed.

Midwest American Mycological Information

21329 Rensselaer St. Farmington Hills, MI  48336 | 734-444-9304

Midwest American Mycological Information (MAMI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public charity whose mission is to provide unfettered access to accurate, up-to-date information on topics related to mycology including mushroom identification and cultivation.

Our goals include those to increase awareness of fungi in the environment, on the table, and in the classroom in the Midwestern states.

We strive to educate the public on best practices for sustainable and safe harvesting of wild mushrooms, and to improve the communication and knowledge of the public, government, and industry to make fungi a resource for our region.

Midwestern Bioag

918 Deming Way, Suite 200 Madison, WI 53717 | 800-327-6012

We focus on soil health. It’s the primary unifying principle behind our work. Every product, every step, is designed to build healthy, life-sustaining soils. Healthy soils support stronger, more resilient plants; they produce higher yields; they produce more nutritious food and forage. And, for the growers we support, healthy soils lead to higher profits.

Better Farming Through Better Soil.

Morgan Composting/Dairy Doo®

4353 US 10 Sears, MI 49679 | 231-734-2451

Morgan Composting is the home of DAIRY DOO®, a line of products created for anyone interested in sustainability in agriculture.  From backyard gardens to large scale farms and everything in between, our organic super soils, organic and sustainable fertilizers, and our powerful high-quality, nutrient-rich compost blends are helping improve soil health. We offer economical and effective products with excellent customer service.  We have a fully-trained agronomical staff offering in-depth and expanded soil and tissue testing. Contact us to learn more about our plant-specific growing programs and prescription blends for YOUR soil’s specific needs.  As we like to say, “Healthy plants come from healthy soils, and healthy soils come from DAIRY DOO!”

MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

480 Wilson Rd, Rm 309 East Lansing, Michigan 48824 | 517-353-3535

The MSU Center for Regional Food Systems envisions a thriving economy, equity and sustainability for Michigan, the country and the planet through food systems rooted in local regions and centered on food that is healthy, green, fair and affordable. MSU CRFS coordinates several statewide food system networks including the MI Farm to Institution Network, The MI Food Hub Network, The MI Local Food Council Network, and the MI Meat Network.

MSU Soil & Plant Nutrient Laboratory

MSU Soil Plant Nutrient Lab, 1066 Bogue St. Rm A81 E. Lansing, MI 48824 | 517-355-0218

MSU Soil and Plant Nutrient Laboratory (SPNL) operates as an integral part of Michigan State University providing support to teaching, research and extension programs. The SPNL offers a variety of analytical services on samples of soil, greenhouse growth media, composts, plant tissue, water and other materials related to the growing of plants (crops) received from commercial and part-time farmers, greenhouse operations, golf courses, homeowners, consultants, researchers, and others.

Many county extension operations use soil and plant tissue testing as the foundation for extension programs with their various clientele groups. Researchers in many departments within MSU and other universities have the SPNL analyze soil, plant and water samples as part of their research programs.

The SPNL reaches out to the general public through educational displays and presentations at expositions, conferences and meetings of organizations. Numerous groups tour the SPNL facilities throughout the year. Educational presentations and tours of the SPNL are part of five courses taught in the department of Horticulture and Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences.
Jon Dahl, Manager ([email protected])

Nature and Nurture Seeds

7100 Marshall Road Dexter, Michigan 48130 | 734-929-0802

Nifty Hoops

7883 Jackson Rd Suite 2 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 | 734-845-0079

Nifty Hoops designs, manufactures, and installs hoophouses throughout Michigan and the Midwest.
Nifty Hoops pays attention to what you need to grow. Our structures are designed to help you get your products to market faster. Affordably. Through our experience working closely with four-season growers, our designs maximize important features while minimizing cost. More than just a collection of interchangeable parts; each structure is a system that helps you and your business grow.
Nifty Hoops has a vision for the future of our food system. We want to help our growers become successful and profitable while they do the good hard work of feeding our communities.

NMI Renewable Energy, LLC

Charlevoix, MI | 231-675-7704

Located in the Village of Copemish, Contractors Building Supply, Inc.  has been in the renewable energy business for nearly 40 years.  We have a qualified team to meet all your renewable energy needs. From design and installation to energy assessing and consulting, CBS Solar is here to help you save money on your electric bill. From the smallest system for your home to the largest system for your business, CBS Solar has the experience and knowledge to do the job right!

Owens Water Treatment

4543 US-31 Traverse City, MI 49685 | 800-499-9719

Owens Soft Water, Inc is known around the Central and Northern Michigan areas for its dedication to solving water problems and satisfying the customer. That’s one of the reasons why we offer Kinetico products, brilliantly simple solutions tailored to your home. With a comprehensive line of water treatment products and trained water professionals dedicated to helping you determine what solution is best for your family, we have confidence you’ll enjoy the Owens Soft Water experience. We’re looking forward to having you join our growing list of happy customers.

Our Professional Promise
As an authorized, independent Kinetico dealer, we hold ourselves to higher standards. Our water professionals and service technicians keep your best interests at heart. Whether we’re analyzing your water, helping to determine the best solution for your water challenge or explaining how Kinetico systems work, no one will bring more professionalism into your home or is more interested in your total satisfaction. We promise.

Pine Valley Country Store

8181 S. Cornwell Ave Clare, MI 48617 | 989-386-3664

Bulk foods, candies, spices, animal health products and feed supplements.

Open Mon., Tues. & Sat. 8-7p.m.
Wed. & Fri. 8 a.m.-9p.m.

Provision Family Farms

5274 E 6 Mile Rd. White Cloud, Michigan 49349 | (231) 689-0457

Good Food, Good Life

We’re your local farmer, serving Grand Rapids, Muskegon, up to our hometown, by Big Rapids and White Cloud. Only by knowing your farmer can you know your food

We’re Committed to not sustaining, but improving the land under our care, and re-purposing outside waste (such as restaurant veggie cuttings and spent brewing grains) as animal feed

Our animals are treated kindly, and allowed to express themselves (rooting, grazing, scratching, roaming)

We go beyond to create nutritious food by grazing quality pasture, kelp minerals (for the ruminants) and diverse diets for pigs and poultry featuring whole grains, and replacing soy with healthier options

Finally, its has to taste good.

We love to do tours and explain what, why and how we are farming.

Roots to Fruits Ecological Design

PO Box 1883 Clarkston, Michigan 48347 | (434) 299-0213

Edible Landscaping | Permaculture Design | Ecological Design | Farm & Homestead Planning

We work on projects of all sizes and ambitions; from the small scale edible landscape, to the full blown homestead, to production cropping systems.Our edible landscaping services allow landowners to transform their yards into food-producing landscapes. We work on a diversity of projects ranging from raised bed vegetable garden construction and orchard plantings to compost bin and cistern installation. Our team is committed to providing you with services that meet your goals and fit the scope of your project.

Savanna Institute

113 Florida Ave. Urbana, IL 61801 | 224-544-9095

The Savanna Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on production agroforestry in the Midwest US. We work in collaboration with farmers and scientists to develop perennial food and fodder crops within multifunctional polyculture systems grounded in ecology and inspired by the savanna biome. The Savanna Institute strategically enacts this mission via research, education, and outreach.

Second Wind Farm/Fertrell Dealer

14660 4 Mile Rd. Morley, MI 49336 | 231-823-8002

Second Wind Farm represents The Fertrell Company (Bainbridge, P.A.) which manufactures Natural and Organic Feed and Soil Amendments for those who are interested in raising their own feed and animals the Natural or Organic way.


99 Industrial Road Michigan 17022

​SEEDWAY is a full-line seed company, marketing farm and turf seed in the northeast U.S. and vegetable seed from the Rocky Mountains to the east coast and Ontario, Canada.

For Michigan, N. Indiana and NW Ohio, contact Ed Polasek, [email protected], 812-251-2013

Specialty Crop Solutions

3751 Blair Townhall Rd. Traverse City, MI 49635 | 800-636-7039

Specialty Crop Solutions is dedicated to the small and medium size farmer, providing products, services and resources to increase crop yield quantity and quality.  We are a focused, friendly, professional company that provides timely service. Our products and services achieve enhanced yields through chemistry and fertility products to fulfill the complete nutrient and protectant needs of today’s specialty agricultural farms.

Square Deal Country Store

900 Woodmere Ave. Traverse City, MI 49686 | 231-946-5030

Square Deal offers the best in equine nutrition, riding products, whole pet health and provide Northern Michigan with wood pellet stoves & bio mass stoves at fair prices.

The Fertrell Company

PO Box 265 Bainbridge, PA 17502 | 717-585-9052

Fertrell is one of the oldest producer of organic fertilizers in the United States. We also make a wide variety of earth-friendly products, from livestock supplements to natural pesticides. No matter your level of experience, Fertrell has the products and knowledge to help you grow healthy, natural plants and animals.

The Starting Block

1535 Industrial Drive Hart, MI 49420 | 231-873-1432

The Starting Block is a home for individuals who want to take a special recipe to market or create a food or natural resource business. We are a non-profit, regional economic development organization committed to small business development initiatives – for businesses just starting out, or companies outgrowing their current facilities.

We provide entrepreneurs, producers, and processors properly equipped, licensed, and inspected food processing kitchens at reasonable rentals without the initial investment in costly facilities and equipment.

Townline Hatchery

PO Box 108 Zeeland, MI 49464 | 1-888685-0040

Townline Poultry Farm, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that began in 1913.  Using time tested techniques and applying new technology, we hatch day old chicks and poultry and ship them nationwide through the United States Postal Service.  We believe the continuation of backyard flocks is important in today’s world and strive to produce quality poultry through the use of our own breeder flocks of 40,000 chickens.  Our goal is to provide the hobby farmer with a flock that will serve their needs – be it eggs, meat, or fun!

Ubly Bean Knife Mfg

1388 Hill Rd Manistee, MI 49660 | 888-723-3244

Ubly Peanut Digger Blade Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Ubly Bean Knife Manufacturing, Inc. and was established in 1988. John J. Misico, founder of the Corporation originally founded the Ubly Welding and Machine Shop in 1946 as a farm repair and machine shop in Ubly, Michigan.

The manufacturing plant was built and equipped for manufacturing peanut digger blades and dry edible bean harvesting knives and is located at 1388 Hill Road, Manistee, Michigan 49660.

West Coast Farm Service

7768 Chippewa Hwy Kaleva, MI 49645 | 231-398-5957


Workforce Development Agency, State of Michigan

1209 S Garfield Ave, Ste C Traverse City, MI 49686 | 231-922-3729

The Workforce Development Agency’s (WDA) vision is to promote a flexible, innovative, and effective workforce system within the State of Michigan. To accomplish this, the WDA supports a demand driven workforce system, assists the structurally unemployed with financial independence, advocates for the integration of workforce development into the K-12 school system, and supports the alignment of workforce development with economic development efforts.