45th Parallel Hops


4191 West 634 Hwy
Hawks, Michigan 49743
Presque Isle

Hops @ 45th Parallel Hops

45th Parallel Hops is not a factory-type hop production operation. We are a 20 acre, family-owned hopyard. We tend to our hop plants individually, producing the most robust, flavor-filled hops available. We offer various aromatic and bittering varieties of quality hops: Hallertau, Willamette, Fuggle, Centennial, Cascade, Michigan Copper, Michigan Mackinaw, Cashmere, Triple Pearl, and Multi-head (neomexicana).
We are now expanding and offering even more intriguing varieties, so we are interested in partnering with first class breweries in growing specialty varieties on contract.

Growing Practices

  • Integrated Pest Management