9 Bean Rows Bakery

Suttons Bay

9000 E. Duck Lake Rd. (M204)
Suttons Bay, Michigan 49682
Michigan / Leelanau

Bakery Hours & Locations
Open Daily 7-3pm
Café open Thurs-Mon 11-3pm

To most in the culinary world, the holy trinity is carrots, celery, and onions. To bakers, it’s flour, water, and salt. From these three ingredients, our bakery makes a variety of breads, raised by natural leavens—yielding breads with incredible flavor and texture. These breads are great served with just about any meal—or are a meal all by themselves.

We also have a list of traditional European pastries ranging from buttery, flaky croissants to brioche. During our peak season, you can also find specialty cakes, tarts, eclairs, and more.

Our extraordinary pastry chef, Trish, is taking special orders! To put in a special order for beautiful, scrumptious patisserie, or just to ask questions and get the conversation going, email [email protected].