At drench, we use all natural, clean ingredients just like you would at home and only use the finest oils including olive oil and avocado oil. We never use soy bean oil or canola oil, which are primarily GMO & inflammatory.

Our dressings are free of the most common allergens. They're gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free, fish free & certified non-GMO! We do not use any artificial thickeners or emulsifiers which is why our dressings separate. That's what natural dressing should do! They just need a quick shake!

We never use any refined sugars or artificial preservatives or colors.
For our dressings that have a touch of sweetness, we only use a bit of honey and fruit such as oranges and figs.

We source organic ingredients whenever possible.

We hope you enjoy our crave-able dressings as much as we do!
They're uncompromisingly delicious!