Ridgeview Farm

  • Retail Store

Ridgeview Farm is a local West Michigan, Family owned and family run beef farm. We raise cattle, as well as grasses and grain to feed the cattle on our farm. Our cattle are bred, born and raised here at Ridgeview. The cattle are out on pasture year-round and are given free choice grain. The grain is a nutritious balance of oats and spelts, along with barley and corn. Our farm store carries a variety of beef, pork, lamb and bison cuts. We also offer monthly subscription boxes, custom boxes, quarter and half beef and individual cuts of meat.

Growing Practices

  • Our grain ration is grown on the farm
  • Rotational Grazing


  • Meat / Beef
  • Meat / Bison
  • Meat / Lamb
  • Meat / Pork